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Finding High Class Escorts

Finding High Class Escorts

I’ve always been fond of escorts. I love their company and natural charm. They make me feel good about myself and knowing that other men would often look at me with envy every time I show up at an event with a bombshell under my arm to boost my confidence. I would often hire regular escorts but recently, I decided to give high-class escorts a try.


Believe it or not, the first step I did was to search online about high class escorts and found myself watching this video on YouTube which gave me an idea about how much these ladies charge.

Finding High Class Escorts

Things To Consider Before Hiring a High Class Escort

There are many things to consider when hiring a high-class escort. I realised that these ladies are like the cream of the crop. They’re not like ordinary escorts who only have pretty faces and sexy bodies. These elite escorts are a complete package. It’s no wonder that not everybody can afford their top quality services.


If there’s one thing that made me hesitant about hiring a high-class escort is the price. I’m so used to paying the average hourly rates of escorts that I felt intimidated to even look at an elite escort’s hourly rate. It turned out I was wrong. These ladies charge more but they’re still reasonably priced. After all, it’s not every day that I get to be in the company of a physically attractive lady but also one who possesses intelligence and expertise in the sex department.


In addition to the price, I realised I also need to consider the kind of services I want to avail of. I want value for my money, after all. High-class escorts serve as an excellent date for corporate and family events because they’re smart, elegant, and poised. I also discovered that they see to it that I’m happy and satisfied with their performance in bed.


Hiring From An Escort Agency vs Independent Escorts

When I first started hiring escorts, I discovered that the safest and easiest way to hire one is through an escort agency. Don’t get me wrong because I’ve tried hiring an independent escort before and although she was really good, I didn’t like doing research on whether or not she was legit. Thankfully, escort agencies screen all their models, and I never have to do background checks on the escort I’m interested in hiring.


An agency also has numerous escorts to choose from which they organise according to categories. It’s easier and faster to look for my ideal woman. I can search using specific keywords and the results show up in seconds.


However, escorts working under an agency have to give a cut of their earnings to their respective agencies. This is also one reason why they charge more for their services.


The Perks Of Escort Reviews

High-class escorts are very expensive, that’s why I see to it that I get value for my money. One of the practical ways I always follow is reading escort reviews. Although platforms like Google and Yahoo can provide me with such information, I discovered that Edinburgh high-class escorts reviews give me better insights about high-class escorts. The reviews are comprehensive and written by real clients who’ve hired the ladies before. They include helpful information not found in escort profiles.


Having The Best Escort Experience

High-class escorts are out of this world. Now I understand why they charge more than other escorts out there. Thankfully, I make it a habit to read escort reviews, that’s why I always have the best experience with the girls I hire.

Ibiza escorts

To Get Really Dirty, You Have To Be Really Clean

A friend of mine who has been in the escort industry for a long time is always good for a little pearl of wisdom in pretty much any situation. Years of her experience in the sex industry distilled into a pithy little saying. I always love hearing her come out with them, usually while we are doing something inocuous or discussing something else. Let me give you an example. She used to be a professional high class dominatrix. Her clients included – as you would expect from the media – a lot of rich, powerful and famous men who loved nothing more than being punished, controlled and humiliated by a powerful and very womanly female. Curves in all the right places in her latex and corsets, big blue eyes, long legs in her thigh boots, long shiny hair and a deep seductive posh English voice. And swimmers shoulders muscular enough to get them to stay still and do exactly what they were told.

Ibiza escorts

We have recently gone into business together renting out apartments and rooms to professional high class escorts who tour aroud Europe instead of being based in one location. Our clients and tenants are the kind of escort girls who might be Ibiza escorts one week and then move to a totally different town or country the next week. Or even become a civilian for a few months having made enough of a pile to kick back and try being a “girlfriend” for a while. It rarely lasts, either the money, the independence or the excessive amounts of sex that they get as a working girl always draw them back in.

So, we were visiting one of the apartments being used as a dungeon by a young would-be dominatrix (mistress) that my friend has taken under her wing. She does that sometimes. And looking round the room, which was far from pristine, with floggers lying on the floor and a sheen of dust on the surfaces, she looked at her protege and explained two of the facts of life as a professional sex worker – especially life as a dominatrix – to her. The first was about life as a dominatrix, the second about life as a sex worker, though on reflection I tend to think that it applies to everyones sex life. Let me share them with you.

Ibiza escorts

“As a domme, men come to you for release and to get out of control. To get really out of control, you have to have everything in control.”

“In order to get really dirty, you have to be really clean.”

Enjoy those, my friends.

Male Escorts

How I Started Male Escort Agency From The Scratch

I had a strong passion for male escort industry that when things were not going well, I thought of how I could fix things and the idea struck me, “Start a male escort agency”.  If you are entrepreneur, you will understand how scary it is to start any venture. The fear of failure will cloud your senses. I was really terrified when I set out to start my own male escort agency because I was throwing in all my finance into the building process and if anything should go wrong, it would mean that I would go bankrupt, if not for life, then for a pretty long period – starting something new is always scary.

At that time, I was a male escort myself and I did not like how my agency treated us. There was virtually no form of correspondence between the agency and the male escorts, technically, according to pilots, I would say the moment you sign on to the male escort agency, you are flying blind. There were times when I had begging questions that needed urgent answers but when I could not find any, I had to learn through trial and error, try fail circle. It was not cool at all.

After a while, I opened a personal blog where I shared my experiences so far, the troubles I had and how I solved them. I began to have lots of feedback and it dawned on me that I was not alone. The feedbacks and questions I got spurred me on to think of something bigger. I did a little research and found out that all the male escort agency had similar flaw – and I had been thinking the field would have been greener at other sides. With the success of my personal blog, I started a forum for male escorts where I told them to share the kind of services they would love to see from their agency.  That too was a huge success. The comments started to fly in in a short time and I began to sieve all the ideas. Active members on my forum grew to several thousand within a short period of time.

Tears came to my eyes when I saw the gap between the agency and the male escorts, their worries, fears, problems. I knew I could fix it and the only way was to get my own male agency. To avoid taking a hasty decision which I may regret, I travelled far and wide, met with a few agencies owners and spoke to them about my intention and asked for the information I would need. Some saw me as a cheap rival while some of them were free with information and dished them out recklessly without fear or favor even when it was clear to them what I wanted to do. One of the male escort agency owners I met was very pleased that a young man like me was eager to do something productive with my life as well as help others. He linked me to the website developer that had designed his website.

“He did a great job for me and I have never had any troubles with the website since then,” he said as he recommended the developer.

If my agency would be different, then I had to do something different too. It struck me, people browse more with their mobile devices now. What if I had an agency that would have a mobile app? It was a terrific idea but I was still limited by funds. I got in contact with a few good website developers with good reputation and chose the one that offered the least price. Within few months, the website was up and running. For me it would be one step at a time. All my resources went into the website. The day I announce my male escort agency website on my forum was the happiest day of my life. Close to a hundred male escorts signed up. The mobile app will follow pretty soon if I get the fund but I have pledged that my male escorts will get a better treatment – the best.

London Male Escort

The different faces of London male escorts

You cannot ask for what you do not know, right? That is the pathetic situation that London male escorts have found themselves. London male escorts have different services they offer and the lack of knowledge of this services have reduced the number of clients they have because people clients will only hire them to fulfill the needs they know.

Today, London male escorts are almost reduced to bodyguards. Those who hire them (especially the females) just want them to follow them up and down the street of London, from one event to another like an overpaid bodyguard, which means that once there is no place to go, the London male escorts are erased from their schedule or to do list. Well, it is not entirely the fault of the clients if you ask me. The London male escorts and their different agencies should have been the one sensitizing the public that there are more users that they do not already know. If they have been carrying out this campaign rigorously, I believe London male escorts would have had more clients and in addition to that, have their name echoing beyond the seas.


I have been utterly disturbed that I have decided to take it upon myself to make a list of some of the services and ways that London male escorts can fit into our day to day lives besides walking up and down like a robot. I hope you find it educative enough and most importantly, find a need to hire a London male escort after reading this.

As Companions

There are times when we become so lonely or depart the people we love to a new location where we do not already have friends. If you have been in such a situation, you would easily understand how depressing it can be. At those moments, you just need someone to talk to, just someone to be close to you. London male escorts are the best companions you will ever have. They know how to pacify any situation. You should hire those with many years of experience in this situation and you will be surprised at how they will transform your situation.

As sex partners

Yes, they are called London male escorts but that does not mean you cannot have a quiet (or noisy) time with them under your sheets. There is nothing as soothing as a sex with a London male escort like when you have been jilted by your boyfriend. Breakups have the tendency to make you appear small and worthless. You will begin to question your beauty, your knowledge and character and all these can have a cascading negative effect on your self-esteem, your relationship with others and your productivity in your workplace. A sex with a London male escort will be the right remedy to help you recall who you are and how important you should be treated. In fact, after a round with London male escorts, you will never want anything less.

As Cultural mediators

A male escort is no longer reserved for any race or culture. Recently, London male escort agencies have recruited male escorts from different cultural backgrounds including Europeans and Asians. Mingling with people from other cultures can open us up to learning new things about them. Intercultural interactions create a level playing ground for the removal of stereotypes. It is time to drop all you have been told about this or that culture and have a chitchat with London male escorts from other nationalities.

As teachers

I would advise anyone that intends joining male escort to, first of all, listen to what those already in the field has to say – you will also need more than one opinion. Joining London male escorts without having a prior knowledge about their services may leave you on a crossroad. There are so many sectors in the field that if you do not get yourself adequately prepared, you may end up falling into a category that you will not be proud of after many years. You also need to know what makes each category what they are and how they differ from other categories and you will need an insider to give you all these information.


There you have it, the many ways you can put London male escorts into good use and I guess you now have one more reason to hire one.

escort link building for SEO rankings

How to find high authority websites in escort/adult niche?

We know the links to our website are easy to get, as they actually help us to get more traffic. In order to know more about the link building, we initially need to know about which all websites are offering backlinks. Or we can say which all websites are the high authority and provide back links? Most of the businesses nowadays buy links that they think as ‘safe link networks’ and waits to see an increase in ranking and traffic. But, in reality, these are not authority links and it is not easier to find the Authority links. So, here the question is ‘how to find the high authority website for a specific platform’, how to identify them or In addition, how to get a link from one of them.

What is an Authority website?

It is those trustable websites, where the trust number or its trust flow (TF) must be greater than our website’s TF. Or we can say it as a trustable website for our platform. There are different-different authority websites for the different-different domain. No matter, it is an adult domain or an entertainment domain. Like for example, if a website named has trust flow around 24, and your website has a trust flow around 20, then the website can be used for link submission.

In general, it is difficult to find an authority website, especially when there’s a variance in the search engine page results for related searches. Sometimes, you get lucky with a search as you may find the true authority websites on the first search result itself.

Let’s now look at a true authoritative site example by doing escort link building for SEO rankings:

It is quite simple; just check the trust flow (TF) and citation flow (CF) of your escort website. You may get results like TF => or <=CF, make sure that the TF and CF have a difference less than 10 no’s or nearby it. For EX, TF is 20 and CF is 30 or TF is 25 and CF 20. If we have such numberings, then our website is good. In Most cases, the individual websites have TF and CF nearby each other. Since we know our website’s TF (To check TF and CF, you can use Now, we need to know the best authority websites so that one can submit the links.

For ex is an authority website, its TF is 15 and CF are 20. Then, it is best for links submission. But, as said above, the has less TF than ours. Here, we need a site whose TF is greater than our website’s TF. To check the TF and CF of the authority websites; perform the same checking process mentioned above. Make sure the numberings of TF and CF are nearby each other. And, the TF of the authority websites must be greater from our website. If the TF and CF of the authority websites found according to the above process, we can start submission of our domain on that website. This also keeps or moves up our current position in the search results. And, if someone searches for our domain or related to our domain/platform, he/she get our website or keyword from the subsequent authority website(s).

Today, it is much harder to find an authority website because we know there are frequent algorithm updates from the search engine’s side. Sometimes, these updates push the genuine websites to further down on the results pages. But, when such cases occur, the search engine launches another update or algorithm to rectify those accidental results. The way, the internet world works nowadays, you have to use as many possible methods in order to find the information that you really want.