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escort link building for SEO rankings

How to find high authority websites in escort/adult niche?

We know the links to our website are easy to get, as they actually help us to get more traffic. In order to know more about the link building, we initially need to know about which all websites are offering backlinks. Or we can say which all websites are the high authority and provide back links? Most of the businesses nowadays buy links that they think as ‘safe link networks’ and waits to see an increase in ranking and traffic. But, in reality, these are not authority links and it is not easier to find the Authority links. So, here the question is ‘how to find the high authority website for a specific platform’, how to identify them or In addition, how to get a link from one of them.

What is an Authority website?

It is those trustable websites, where the trust number or its trust flow (TF) must be greater than our website’s TF. Or we can say it as a trustable website for our platform. There are different-different authority websites for the different-different domain. No matter, it is an adult domain or an entertainment domain. Like for example, if a website named ABC.com has trust flow around 24, and your website has a trust flow around 20, then the website ABC.com can be used for link submission.

In general, it is difficult to find an authority website, especially when there’s a variance in the search engine page results for related searches. Sometimes, you get lucky with a search as you may find the true authority websites on the first search result itself.

Let’s now look at a true authoritative site example by doing escort link building for SEO rankings:

It is quite simple; just check the trust flow (TF) and citation flow (CF) of your escort website. You may get results like TF => or <=CF, make sure that the TF and CF have a difference less than 10 no’s or nearby it. For EX, TF is 20 and CF is 30 or TF is 25 and CF 20. If we have such numberings, then our website is good. In Most cases, the individual websites have TF and CF nearby each other. Since we know our website’s TF (To check TF and CF, you can use majestic.com). Now, we need to know the best authority websites so that one can submit the links.

For ex ABCD.com is an authority website, its TF is 15 and CF are 20. Then, it is best for links submission. But, as said above, the ABCD.com has less TF than ours. Here, we need a site whose TF is greater than our website’s TF. To check the TF and CF of the authority websites; perform the same checking process mentioned above. Make sure the numberings of TF and CF are nearby each other. And, the TF of the authority websites must be greater from our website. If the TF and CF of the authority websites found according to the above process, we can start submission of our domain on that website. This also keeps or moves up our current position in the search results. And, if someone searches for our domain or related to our domain/platform, he/she get our website or keyword from the subsequent authority website(s).

Today, it is much harder to find an authority website because we know there are frequent algorithm updates from the search engine’s side. Sometimes, these updates push the genuine websites to further down on the results pages. But, when such cases occur, the search engine launches another update or algorithm to rectify those accidental results. The way, the internet world works nowadays, you have to use as many possible methods in order to find the information that you really want.